Bob Larrivee

Owner/ trainer at Hilltop Equestrian Center

Robbin Neill
Our Board Chair, and Fundraising Chair, RN, Horse Enthusist

Jon Shelburne, Esq
Our Board President, LtC Marine Reservist and Civil Defense attorney for Service Members

Current programs

Equine Therapy, Group Therapy, Reflexology,Yoga Therapy, Horticulture Therapy, Nutrition Education , Healthy Cooking and Job Internships


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mission & vision

Helping our veterans overcome their current situations and deal with future challenges through complimentary and alternative medicine

our leadership team

Helping others, working with horses and health and wellness education is a passion of mine.  Helping our veterans achieve their goals and dreams is so rewarding.  These men and women have risked it all for our safety.  They deserve all the help we can give them.

Foundation History

  1. 2009 - Karen Dalton starts fundraising for non profits.
  2. 2009Karen Dalton becomes a health and wellness educator
  3. 2014 -Karen Dalton becomes a Certified Health Coach
  4. 2014 - Karen Dalton founds Dare To Dream Ranch to support our homeless and at risk veterans to  help them achieve their dreams.

Karen Dalton, Certified Health Coach

Founder, President of Dare To Dream Ranch

Our founder