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Types of Programs

Therapy Horse

Equine Therapy

Equine facilitated coaching utilizes the horse's responsive nature as a therapy tool. They are naturally curious, have individual personalities, and mirror human behavior The structure of EFC provides a unique atmosphere for the client to work through personal challenges. EFC provides clients within-the-moment experiences to learn how to manage current situations and future challenges with a focus on personal strengths and resources.

Man Preparing Fishing Line

Fly Tying
& Fishing

“something you could go through and for a couple hours and you can forget what you've been going through and just refocus your energy”

Woodworking Photo


Meant to help puta veteran in touch with that creative side of themselves. Learn useful skills such as tool usage, critical thinking, planning, and patience and perseverance

Close-up of Plants

Horticulture Therapy

Learn to grow your food organically, and reduce stress and anxiety. Go beyond sustainability to integrate and connect people with their natural world

Photo Of Freshly Grown Carrots


The benefits of agri-therapy include increased focus, confidence, community-building, nutrition and environmental awareness, and sense of achievement. Caring for animals and plants reduces stress and anxiety and generates a sense of pride and well being.

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Photo of Founder

Statement from Our Founder

"Helping others, working with horses and health and wellness education is a passion of mine. Helping our veterans achieve their goals and dreams is so rewarding. These men and women have risked it all for our safety. They deserve all the help we can give them."

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Karen Dalton, Certified Health Coach

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President and Founder

Don't just take it from us

Take it from our volunteers, veterans, and donors who make a difference everyday.

"A great place with great people! Dare to Dream Ranch, Inc. is a holistic and alternative military retreat for service members, veterans and their families. Contact them and see how you can help and be a part of this wonderful organization."

Linda L Kelly

"Great place for Veterans and a great place to volunteer. Karen and Randy are wonderful!"

Kelly Harker

"D2DR is a great restive and restorative setting for Veterans and their families with several great alternative therapy programs for Vets dealing with issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and able to help with many other issues they may need assistance with. Check out the Ranch on the web or on Facebook at Dare to Dream Ranch."

Chris Rowe

"I've volunteered here and I ABSOLUTELY would 10times over wish I could go there everyday! Her idea is great I love it I try to support as much as I can."

Melissa Bubble

"Amazing concept and people, one of my favorite places to volunteer!!"

Coll R

"Karen is fabulous working with veterans and horses that truly makes a difference in their lives!!"

Help a Veteran Today

Now is the time to help our Veterans. You can start making a difference below.


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. Remember that if the visitor has not committed to the call to action, they may still have questions (doubts) that can be answered.

How can I participate in your programs?
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You must be a service member, veteran or dependent (aka child or spouse).  Must provide proof of military status or military connection.  Must fill out client form, and liability form.  Schedule a tour of our facility and we can book appointments from there.

Can I volunteer?
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Yes we take volunteers.  Community volunteers, volunteers for scouts projects, community service hours for school, church or court ordered.  Must fill out the liability form and call to schedule day and time.

How can I support you?
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Volunteer, Attend Events, Refer, and Donate.

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